When is the sale?

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
Some families may choose to participate on Friday, but the official sale is Saturday ONLY.

What if it rains?

The sale goes on rain or shine. In years past many people have had tents set up to protect their items. Also, many people sell in their garage. If it looks like rain, bring an umbrella, cause we'll still be selling.

Where is Countrywood and how do I get there?

Countrywood is located in Cordova, TN (northeast of Memphis) near the Wolfchase Galleria Mall.

Click here for a map and directions

I'm looking for a specific item, is there a way to search online?

Yes, the residents that registered and provided a list of items are now searchable through the box on the left.

Can we bring a golf cart to drive around?

People have brought golf carts in the past; however, it is not legal to drive a golf cart on city streets, as they are a non-licenseable vehicle.
We are not aware of anyone receiving a ticket, but legally you are not allowed.

How do I sign up to participate?

This sale is intended to be a way for our residents in Countrywood to make some money getting rid of their used stuff. It is not a place for people to come from all over Memphis and set up on the side of the road or in a vacant house's yard to sell things. With the help of the Police, we will be actively looking for people set up on the side of the street/ sidewalk or at houses that are vacant, bank-owned, or HUD homes. People selling used items (typical yard sale stuff) do not need any special license; however, vendors selling items they have made or new items will need to obtain a license from the Shelby County code enforcement. In the past, St Francis opened their parking lot for those interested in selling that were not Countrywood residents. Below is their information.

St Francis Information - is still to be determined if they will have spaces available

Where will the restrooms be?

Different houses will have port-o-potties available throughout the neighborhood.

Where can I get food?

Food vendors will be throughout the neighborhood.

Where can I get a map?

Maps will not be printed this year. More and more people are using GPS devices and Smart Phones.

What hotels are nearby?

click here to view nearby hotels

What hours are people open?

Hours differ for each house. Most open at sunrise. Please do not show up with flashlights and try to shop before there is enough light to see. Our residents have been encouraged not to allow people to shop before there is enough light.

I live in Countrywood and want to register...

registration is not open at this time

What else is there to do in the Memphis area?

Memphis has tons of stuff going on all the time. Visit www.memphistravel.com to get more information.


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